The best cloud backup services in 2023

Any of the higher-tiered plans might be a bit too robust for small businesses but, if your SEO needs grow, then you’ll be able to scale as high as a Fortune 500 company could ever need. For small businesses, it’s particularly attractive thanks to its comprehensive set of features specifically cloud backup services for business designed for modest-sized companies. It’s got a clean and intuitive UI, is affordably priced, and features flexible contract records, transaction forms, and report templates. Asana CollaborationYour company is only as good as its employees‘ ability to work together to accomplish tasks.

Focus your planning efforts on only key workflows at first and start small. Pay attention to core abilities, especially reliable accessibility, effective backups, secure storage, and user and group management. Once you know how you want all that to work while your workers are so widely distributed, then you can expand out into automated workflow, collaboration, and third-party app integrations. Sometimes core app integrations should be considered earlier, for example, if your business has standardized on a particular productivity platform. (i.e., Google shops will choose Google Drive while Microsoft 365 outfits will likely select OneDrive). Organizations that want an established, reliable cloud storage provider will be in good hands with Box.

Services That Didn’t Quite Make the Cut

So if your primary instance goes down, another data copy can be immediately available. Vendor X should also perform regular backups of both sites and store that data in a different location. Google Drive offers advanced data backup and sync, file collaboration, and productivity features. It is designed for SMBs and enterprises that want to integrate Google Cloud storage with productivity services they already use, such as Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365.

  • You can also have a look at our guide to the best cloud storage for teams or our business cloud storage comparison table.
  • And this service allows all business users to upload and download to the storage space without restrictions.
  • On the other hand, if in-house IT talent is scarce at your organization, and particularly if your staff is small, you might want to look elsewhere.
  • Keeping multiple copies of critical company data is a no-brainer, especially if it’s easier and costs less.
  • Afterward, those file copies are pushed to all of the devices you set up sync for, which allows you to access them.
  • They’ve used that knowledge to create one of the best system backups for Mac software, including for iPhones; at any time, you can access your files from mobile devices.

It’s also worth considering a data recovery solution, which will further protect you against data loss. Get 10TB personal cloud storage for $3.98 for the first year
IDrive’s 10TB personal cloud storage package is currently available for only $3.98 for the first year, for a limited time only! With this plan, you get 10TB of cloud storage alongside features and tools like multi-device backup, IDrive’s Snapshot file-versioning, and IDrive Express physical storage.

Backup for computers/external drives/servers

Although it doesn’t have the sexiest UI, it’s incredibly easy to set up, excruciatingly detailed, and almost entirely customizable to suit your payroll needs. It wouldn’t work well for larger companies as it doesn’t provide as many reports as its competitors but it’s great for companies with minimal and complex tasks. Campaigner Email MarketingIf you require a bit more flexibility than MailChimp allows, then check out Campaigner . A small business with 2,500 contacts in its marketing database could send an unlimited amount of messages for about $29.95 per month. This isn’t a cheap option, but we’re talking about a tool that has everything you’ll need to run robust and easily-automated email campaigns. Zoom is free for up to 100 participants — as long as your meeting is less than 40 minutes.

best cloud backup service for small business

IDrive and Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) let you choose specific files you want from a file tree. Note that some services restrict you from backing up specific file types or using particular sources, such as from an external or network drive. Make sure the backup solution you choose supports all your data sources. OpenDrive is a viable online backup service with flexible pricing plans. The user interface is also pretty slick, meaning you can figure out how to use it without a lot of difficulty. Limited encryption options keep it toward the bottom of this list.

The best business cloud storage service of 2023 in full:

Keep in mind that while BackBlaze is very affordable, all of its plan options are tailored for one device. This means if you have an office-worth of computers to back up, you might want to consider a different option. This is often under-appreciated by business owners, but let me assure you the moment you have to start putting effort into your backup, is the moment backups are not kept up to date.

best cloud backup service for small business

If this sort of thing is something you want in addition to your cloud backup service of choice, you can check out our list of the best free cloud storage to find a solution that won’t cost you any extra. The cloud backup service is also compliant with both GDPR and HIPAA, which can be crucial for businesses that handle confidential material. IDrive offers several different plans for business users, all of which let you backup an unlimited number of devices. Unsurprisingly, this means that there are storage caps, with the plans ranging from 250GB to 50TB of space.

Compare SpecsThe Best Cloud Backup Services for Business for 2023

We found the service very easy to set up on both mobile and desktop devices. The Windows and Mac apps add a Dropbox-like folder to the system file manager, allowing simple backups in little more than a drag and drop. The mobile apps can automatically back up new photos and videos as they’re taken, while essential service integrations support backing up Facebook, Instagram and other content. Reporting on the state of your backup process and stored data is another must. Sometimes out-of-the-box reports might not quite fit your expectations or needs, so a vendor that lets you design custom reports is a good choice.

Note, however, that the mobile clients are read-only, so while you can look at documents or files, you can’t upload or sync with these apps. BackBlaze’s Business Backup service offers unlimited backups, with no limit on total capacity or file size. Even better, shifting to the cloud within an organization means that staff members can easily share files for online collaboration. Furthermore, if business data is synced to the cloud, and for example, an employee loses their device, or its contents are wiped, it is straightforward to place that data on another device.

Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct

If you’re a small business owner, Carbonite Safe might be the best solution for you. The software provides unlimited cloud backup storage for up to 25 computers per account, and its onboarding process is easy and fast. Our Zoolz cloud storage review shows that this service is the best option for larger companies with up to 500 employees. You’ll find even the best free cloud storage providers offer integrated backups, but not all do. As part of our review process, we’ve highlighted security features, disaster recovery tools, interface and experience, platform availability, and pricing.

best cloud backup service for small business

In previous years, we differentiated between local backup software and online backup services. The first makes a copy of your data that you store wherever you choose, such as on an external hard drive. The other encrypts your data for security and sends it to the backup company’s servers for off-site storage. Both methods have their merits, but more and more frequently, backup companies give you the option to choose. As a result, we now look at the best local backup software and online backup services in this one article. Many users believe IDrive offers the best cloud backup service for both individual users and businesses.

Carbonite Cloud Backup

It’s creating an environment where you attract interactions to you. The problem for marketing managers is that the signal-to-noise ratio favors the noise. Without help, it’s almost impossible to sift through all the chaos across services, ranging from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube to Instagram (and others), to pick out what’s important to your company.

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